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COVID-19 Support for Businesses

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Your team and customers will have questions. As you re-open, they may be confused, nervous or scared about being at your place of business. And odds are, you don’t have all the answers. Our team can support you by addressing your concerns directly through open conversations with direct answers to your specific questions. With an engaged team, you can move forward with increased confidence.

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You CAN operate a business and be successful in the COVID-19 reality. To get there, you will need a strategy, a specific set of tools, and team buy-in. Our COVID-19 Impact Mitigation Guides are tailored to your industry, your unique business needs and are aligned with public health measures to bring all the pieces together so you can get your operations back up and running TODAY.

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Understanding the evolving COVID-19 symptoms and embedding screening measures unique to your workplace can be challenging. We’ve created screening programs for numerous industries and can walk you through the best approaches to use. For industries that require employees to be tested for COVID-19, we offer onsite asymptomatic testing that we can perform on your behalf. We can also provide you with support as you look to have employees return to work following illness.

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COVID-19 is expected to be with us for some time, but what will that mean for your operations?  We keep our ears to the ground, so you don’t have to. Our team will be your partner in health and safety when you need guidance interpreting Public Health regulations, navigating new waves of infection, assessing testing efficiency and steadying your business prior to the arrival of a vaccine. 


Receive discounted group testing rates and curated testing programs for every need:

What our clients say

Shaughnessy golf & country club logo

Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club

Iridia has been very professional and thorough and provided us with clear and concise safety protocols for our team. In addition, they were incredibly helpful in bouncing off service areas and providing us with practical advice to re-open and adjust and improve services in balance with member and staff safety.


Savour chef foods ltd. logo

Savoury Chef Foods Ltd. 

​It is helpful to have an independent source to refer to regarding our approach to operations. It provides comfort and confidence to move forward.


Vancouver Lawn tennis & badminton club logo

Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club

Gave us confidence in our planning. Confirmed that [what] we were doing was correct. Broke down the principles in easy to follow guidelines. Being a resource for issues/questions that came up.


Your expert team

Dr. Allan Holmes founder
Dr. Allan Holmes


Dr. Allan Holmes is an Emergency Room physician who founded Iridia Medical in 1998 with a goal bringing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to workplaces across BC.  In the role of Founder, Allan continues to apply his 30 years of experience in the field of emergency and pre-hospital medicine to support Iridia’s clients.

During the COVID-19 crisis Allan has worked to develop and implement industry-leading guidelines and protocols which that have enabled essential workers in mining, construction, silviculture, oil and gas, and first responder agencies to safely provide their services. In addition he continues to work closely with many branches of government including the Office of the Public Health Officers of BC, Health Authorities, Ministries of Health, BC Centre for Disease Control and BC Fire Commissioner as a consultant. 

Vern Biccum president
Vern Biccum


Vern Biccum is the President of Iridia Medical, where his passionate focus on delivering unparalleled client experiences and building a culture of growth and empowerment has helped Iridia enable peace of mind for its wide-ranging client base. 

When the H5N1 and H1N1 flus emerged, Vern was a key contributor as Iridia supported organizations bracing for workplace impacts. This experience, coupled with his educational mix of science and business (M. Sc. Biophysics and an MBA) position him to quickly assess the evolving science and provide practical guidance to businesses looking to operate responsibly within the COVID-19 reality. He has taken a lead role in the development of Iridia’s Impact Mitigation guides for clients that include restaurants, golf courses, fitness centres, film production, and catering.  

Thomas Puddicombe director business operations
Thomas puddicombe

Director, Business Operations

Thomas Puddicombe is Iridia’s Director of Business Operations overseeing all aspects of Iridia’s Remote Care Services division including: business development, client management, staff recruitment and project execution.


Throughout the current pandemic all of the projects under Thomas’ eye have continued to thrive. At the same time, Thomas has assisted numerous organizations with the development and implementation of their COVID-19 Mitigation Guides and is well versed in helping organizations understand how best to reduce their risk to possible exposure.

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