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What does my Premier Roundtrip Package include?

Outbound Travel

       1. In-person Travel Rapid Antigen test appointment at our clinic

       2. Outbound travel testing documentation


Return Travel

       3. Two Rapid Antigen Test Kit

       4. Roundtrip Return Testing appointment (virtual)

       5. Travel documentation for your return


What does my Roundtrip Return Testing include?

  1. Two Rapid Antigen Test Kit

  2. A virtual antigen test appointment

  3. Travel documentation for your return

Where do I go for my in-person appointment?

Visit our IMCC clinic 1755 West Broadway, Unit 314 for your in-person appointment.


Where do I get my Rapid Antigen Test kit?

We look forward to welcoming you, at your scheduled time, at the Iridia Medical Collection (IMCC):

1755 West Broadway, Unit 314


How do I get my Rapid Antigen Test kit?

You will receive your test kit when you come into our IMCC clinic at 1755 West Broadway, Unit 314.


What does my test kit contain?

  • 2 collection swabs

  • 2 test devices

  • 2 buffer vials

  • An Instructions Pamphlet


What is the collection method of the test?

We are using an Anterior Nares sampling technique for testing. This will involve a shallow nose swab at the distal end of your nose.

How do I book my Roundtrip Return Testing appointment (virtual)?

Please use your unique voucher code found in the ‘Next Steps’ email sent to you after you made your Roundtrip Premier Testing Package purchase. If you have not received this email, please check your “junk mail” or “spam” folder.


Each voucher code is valid for one antigen test during your virtual appointment.

Once you have your voucher code, please schedule your 30-minute appointment at

How do I attend the virtual appointment? Where is the Zoom link?

Join the virtual call 5 minutes prior the scheduled time. The Zoom link can be found in the confirmation email sent to you after you booked your VIRTUAL appointment. Please scroll down to the bottom of this email and select on the hyperlink “Join Meeting” (see image below)

How will I receive my test results and travel document?

Once your travel document is ready, you will receive an email to access and download your travel document through a secure database platform.

How long will it take to receive my test results and travel document?

After the completion of the video call and the survey is filled out with a negative test result, you will receive your travel document within 2 hours.

If you do not receive your results within 2 hours, please email us at

What if I test positive during my virtual appointment?

The guidance is totally contingent on local public health measures. We suggest isolating in keeping with the regulations of the local health authority.

What happens if I have internet connectivity issues?

Once connected on the video call, the nurse will confirm a number and email to reach out to you in the event that you do disconnect during the call. If this does not happen, you can reach our nurse at or 236-757-9416.

What if I need to change my appointment?

If you would like to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email us at Cancellation and rescheduling requests can only be made 72 hours prior to your scheduled time. Rescheduling is only on a need basis.

What happens if my test comes back invalid?

When you purchase the test kit, all contents are ready to go for accurate testing. Once you are in possession of your test kit, you are responsible for ensuring it remains in satisfactory conditions for the contents of the kit to remain ready for testing. This includes keeping the kit dry, free of physical damage and at the appropriate temperature (15-30 degrees Celsius). While there is a risk that the test may return invalid, we have provided two test kits to help mitigate that risk. The nurse who will assist you in the call will go through all the necessary steps to avoid invalid test results, and to ensure that you receive the results that you desire.

Why do I have two kits?

Two kits are provided to ensure that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the first kit, there is a second one present.


For more information, please view our Terms and Conditions.

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