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Cruise Covid-19 Testing

All aboard! Iridia Medical is your preferred cruising testing partner that can satisfy all of your needs that you may have with our COVID-19 testing offerings, making it easy and seamless to get onboard. 

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For more information, contact us at or call us at 604-685-4747 ext. 442


With our mobile service offering, we come can right down to you at the port! Or, anywhere in the Lower Mainland that you require testing to get on your cruise adventure. Offering results in as little as 15 minutes and being capable of offering both antigen and PCR tests, we can help ensure your testing needs are satisfied.  






With the VIP service, Iridia Medical can send one of our trained professional collectors right to your doorstep for either a PCR or antigen test. Last minute travel plans, in a time crunch, or just want to get the test done in the comfort of your own home, we are your VIP cruise solution. 




Our own IMCC testing clinic is right over the Burrard Street Bridge located at 1755 West Broadway #314. We have conducted tens of thousands of tests at the IMCC, helping our clientele travel to 116 countries (and counting). We offer a seamless experience with fast reliable results. Book your test so you can relax and, we’ll take care of the rest. Peace of mind included. 

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