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Premier Roundtrip Testing Package 

Thank you for choosing Iridia Medical! Please read the information below before purchasing the Premier Roundtrip Testing Package for your trip!

What Your Package Includes

Outbound Travel

  1. In-person Travel Rapid Antigen test appointment at our clinic

  2. Outbound travel testing documentation


Return Travel

   3. Two Rapid Antigen Test Kit

   4. Roundtrip Return Testing appointment (virtual)

   5. Travel documentation for your return

What You Will Receive

  1. Travel documentation to get to where you are needed

  2. High-quality service and privacy of information

The Process

  1. Purchase your package and book your in-person testing appointment

  2. Visit our IMCC clinic (1755 West Broadway, Unit 314) to complete your test

  3. Receive your Rapid Antigen Test Kit at the end of your visit

  4. Book your Roundtrip Return Testing appointment at any time after you receive your
    unique voucher code via email

  5. Join the Zoom call to complete your COVID-19 test Roundtrip Return Testing 

  6. Receive your digital travel documentation

  7. Travel freely and with convenience

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Refund policy: please note that all rapid test kits are FINAL SALE. Once your test kit is picked up from our clinic, we are unable to provide a refund.
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