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Premier Roundtrip Testing Package

Travel with peace of mind. Purchase your package and have your COVID-19 testing covered for your entire trip!

Step 1: Purchase your Premier Roundtrip Testing Package

Your purchase of the 'Premier Roundtrip Testing Package' will give you two testing services - one at our clinic for your outbound travel, and one virtual test for your return travel.


Step 2: Attend your in-person appointment and receive your return Rapid Antigen Test kit

Visit our IMCC clinic to complete your first in-person test. At the end of your visit, receive the Rapid Antigen Test kit to perform your virtual test for your return flight. 


Step 3: Travel with Peace of Mind

We provide travel documentation to fly you anywhere in the world, and back to Canada.

At the Airport

Step 4: Book and attend your Roundtrip Return Testing appointment (virtual)

Book your Roundtrip Return Testing appointment (virtual) at any time after you receive your unique voucher code via email. Receive nurse support and travel documentation on your virtual appointment.

Mother and Daughter
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